Pass pass pass pass zip feeding 2 jugglers doing pass self pass heff zip, feeder doing tramline passes, feedies cross passes.


Feeder has 4 clubs, starting first the left and then the right feedie with pass pass pass pass zip with inside passes, then switching to 4 outside passes after the zip, again starting with the left feedie. Inside passes means passes on the inside hands, the hands that are next to the gap between the 2 feedies. Outside passes are to the outside hands of the feedies. So in this pattern the feeder has 4 inside passes - zip - 4 outside passes - zip and so on. Don´t get confused with the standard pass pass self feed where the feeder has 2 inside passes - self - 2 outside passes - self...

Left feedie has 2 clubs, starting heff zip pass self pass half a beat after the feeder

Right feedie has 3 clubs and starts pass heff zip pass self 1.5 beats after the feeder