The highlight every year! This year, the ejc in France was absolutely awesome. Even with a whole evening dedicated to choosing photos and writing this article, I can´t find the proper words to express how great it was to be in Toulouse for one week of real living.

The organising team did a very good job! I will just name a few of those points that struck me as being great:

The food: A great variety of hand-made, ecological grown, very tasty and still low priced food was available on site. The chillout areas: Shady spaces to chill out were plenty and nicely decorated. The toilets: No Dixi - no smell. Every toilet had a water barrel or sink to wash the hands which is just awesome! The parties: Every day, there were several bands, beer and wine were cheap. Free WLAN at the info point. The shows: Most shows were shown several times - so everyone could see them without having to queue for a long time. The parade: Instructions via radio made it even more fun than usual. The care: I always had the feeling that people are taking great care of us. When a bigtop got too warm, they sprayed water on top to cool it down. During the parade and the games volunteers went to give water to everyone. Taxing games like volleyclub were played in the late afternoon, not during the hot hours. And this is most important because I really felt among friends.

I did not take photos of the many awesome jugglers on this ejc. Also, I did not take any photos during shows. And, as it was very hot during the whole week you were always likely to attract water (bombs, spray and buckets, mostly) so, the camera stayed in the car most of the time. Still, I tried to capture the beauty of the site as this should be enough to remember the great times we had, and, for those who were not with us, to show how was the atmosphere.

Luke Burrage always asks after a convention about everyone´s personal high, low, goal, crush, bane & surprise. As I spent several days after the convention with him, I had to answer and I will answer for you again:

My high was Tine´s and Doreen´s Workshop on Prechac which I attended together with Karo from Berlin (see their new video here:

My low was that I missed an obviously good party AND the Fight Night due to being really tired on Friday evening.

My goal was to attend many workshops and learn passing/prechac - which I did.

My crush was Michael Davies (sorry Wes, you´re second on this list).

My bane was tiredness (mostly due to the heat).

My surprise were the rabbit toilets (a nice surprise).


More photos, taken by awesome Luke Burrage you can find here:

And truly awesome photos taken by Philipp you will find here in future:

Also great pictures by Teutates:

If you took any photos that you want to publish here, write me an email, I can either link to your pics or even make a gallery of them here.