May 17-20, Dani, Frankie and me went to Forchheim near Nürnberg to participate in the first "FJC" 2013. It was the first convention of a very young guy but with a great gym, a huge lawn and perfect weather at least on saturday and most of sunday. I started a new training regimen: break any one of your own records every day. Thanks to Johnny Nations for that. For me, it means counting catches and defining rules for my own records but, so far, it motivated me to do 432 catches of 3 clubs Mill´s Mess.

Thanks to Floyd and Jan I now need the Gandini DVD "Social siteswaps" urgently to learn new crazy mindblowing passing patterns. And thanks to Frederik Schenk, who manages a juggling shop I have another surprise up my sleeve. I linked his shop here, by the way. He and his brother produce circus tents and many other things themselves and they sell mostly PLAY and Henry´s.

So, for me, it was a great & successful weekend (and Dani and me were on KiKA live)

Here, you can find the "official" photos taken by a professional from

And here, a few impressions of my own: