Berlin...the Berlin convention is one of my highlights every year. It is lovingly called "the small ejc" for several reasons: 1. the camping at the lake 2. lots of international people (most of them really great jugglers, too) 3. the volleyclub tournament 4. Fight Night with Bob 5. the amazing shows 6. the party. Nowadays, there are many people I used to see like every month and now I only meet them in Berlin. Well, I know, I´m the one that moved south...

So, I spent the days hanging out with friends, watching shows, trying to improve my juggling...due to a little accident involving my bare foot and some kind of trash on the path, I couldn´t play the volleyclub tournament but still, it was a great convention.

Berlin also has to offer lots of wildlife. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a young spotted woodpecker peeking out of a tree. Only a few minutes later, a small grass snake tried to climb my shoes - luckily, its not poisonous!

More photos, taken by awesome Luke Burrage you can find here:

And truly awesome photos taken by Philipp you can find here: